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Curious about Dungeons & Dragons? Would you like to play a game? Maybe you have a gaming group, but no one wants to be the Dungeon Master? It’s a time consuming job and you might lack the time to prepare properly.

DM Jeremy can help, whether you’re looking for a multi-session campaign or just a single evening of adventure. I’ll work with any level of experience, you can be a rookie or a seasoned veteran. I have everything you need to play: books, dice, miniatures and maps. I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons for more than 30 years, with all ages of players.

I charge $80 for a four-hour game with 3-5 players. I live near Brantford, Ontario and depending on the distance there could be a travel charge. Or avoid travel charges and we could meet online via discord, google hangout etc. to play.

If you’d be interested in a quote for your upcoming game night, please feel free to contact me through my Twitter account @jhall247 or my email:

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