Black Goat Campaign 14

A day passed before Lady Wind’s cloud tower loomed in the sky above Pt Malkin. The party ascended to her tower, thanks to her griffons and presented the now cleansed darkwood acorn. After a brief negotiation with Lady Wind she agreed to fly them as far north as she could safely. She warned that the Red Queen would know if her cloud tower breached Khrullion’s borders.

Time past swiftly as Lady Wind’s cloud home flew northward. It was not long before the southern border of Khrullion was close by. The party was concerned that Darkwood Abbey would not hold long enough for them to reach the Black Goat’s pool in the north. Lady Wind offered the use of a scrying mirror to reach out to their allies at the Abbey.

The mirror revealed Brother Jacob and the cleric Faye standing on a battlement, surrounded by smoke, blood and the cries of battle. Jacob explained that the Black Goat’s forces had decimated their defenses. They would only be able to hold the hilltop for another day, maybe two. It was then that Faye spoke with an unearthly voice. If the goblins successfully assault the summit of the Abbey’s defenses she will be forced to destroy everything. Before anymore of the party’s questions could be answered the mirror clouded with darkness. A cruel voice echoed into the giantess’s tower. “Turn back Lady Wind you have been warned to stay away from Khrullion. I have come to an agreement with the Goat and her goblins, they will have the Abbey.” The Red Queen spoke through the scrying mirror and she traded insults with the cloud giant. Lady Wind finally deactivated the scrying mirror. With a look of defiance on her face she told the party: “I will fly you to the northern pool and to hell with the Red Queen and her borders.”

The cloud tower soon looked down on the ruined citadel of Wyvernmoor as it crossed the border on its way north. The party soon spotted black wings on the horizon… demons approached. Lady Wind dispatched her griffons to intercept and soon a great battle among the clouds took place. A swarm of vrocks, escorted by dark wizards atop wyverns and lead by a ferocious marilith attacked the cloud tower and its passengers. Lightning and fire ripped the sky asunder and lit the night sky as if it were day.

The heroes of the Abbey emerged victorious, but Lady Wind’s tower had suffered. During he battle a number of the tower’s air elementals had been slain and Lady Wind would need to land to re-summon and bind new ones. The tower came to rest on the northern portion of Syla Thalor the Great Forest. Winter winds had brought a light snow to Syla Thalor and the air was cold. The party was less than a day from the Black Goat’s pool. They thanked Lady Wind and began the final leg of their quest.

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