Black Goat Campaign 13

Aboard the Succubus they reached Khateefi Reef quickly. Using water breathing spells the heroes descend into the depths in search of Sahuagin. The sea devils were known to lair in the many sea caves found among the living reef. After some searching they discovered a likely cave and swam into its shadows. Within they fought victims of the sahuagin, now undead thralls. They would reach a deep sea grotto and fight a sea devil matron and her brood of warriors and sharks. However, they were no match for our heroes and they were soon questioning the matron through the use of a tongues spell.

The sahuagin leader told them of the Galathea Trench, named for the marid (genie) that dwelt in its depths. She is the keeper of the elemental node the heroes were looking for. The matron of the sea devils surrendered her magic conch shell of teleportation and the party returned to the Succubus. Knowing that marids are vain creatures, the heroes brainstormed for gifts they could bring her. Lord Rayan’s bard, Aleya volunteered to join the party and composed a beautiful song to serenade the marid.

The Starfall Islands, Map by DMjeremy

Blowing into the conch the heroes were teleported to the depths of the Galathea trench where an ancient temple laid silent in the dark waters. The temple appeared to venerate a long forgot kraken. Within the ruined temple they found Galathea and negotiated for access to her node. Aleya performed her song perfectly, perhaps to well in fact. Galathea took the bard as her gift (slave) and offered access to the node if the heroes could capture a young dragon turtle named Riptide for her. They protested the abduction of Aleya, but were too intimidated by the marid and her water elemental allies to fight for her. They agreed to capture Riptide and departed.

The young dragon turtle’s lair was in a tidal cave on Moonshade Island. They had been given an enchanted bit and bridle to capture the beast with. The heroes tried to negotiate with Riptide, attempting to persuade the beast to come peacefully. The dragon’s hatred of Galathea ran deep though. The marid had enslaved his sister as a mount and he would not come peacefully. A battle ensued and the dragon turtle was pacified, then harnessed with the enchanted yoke.

Using the conch they returned to Galathea with an unconscious Riptide. Galathea allowed Brona to cleanse the darkwood acorn in the frigid waters of the elemental node. The heroes departed hesitantly, unsure of Aleya’s fate. Once clear of Galathea’s lair they rested in Pt Malkin and called upon the token that would summon the cloud giantess Lady Wind. Time was running out for Darkwood Abbey, they hoped the cloud giant’s flying tower would hasten their return.

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