Black Goat Campaign 12

The heroes rode straight through days and nights, until they reached the city of Riverwatch. They wasted little time and began searching for a captain with a fast ship. They would eventually come to find Captain Calypso and her ship the Succubus. Before departing for the Starfall Isles Wyleros had a clandestine meeting with a mysterious figure known as the Alabaster Assassin before rejoining his friends.

The Succubus grabbed the wind and it was not long before they sailed clear of Riverwatch and out into the Khrullion Sea. The ship cut across the surface of the water like a blade and Captain Calypso knew how to get every bit of wind. They would no doubt arrive in Port Cog and the Starfall Isles in less than a week.

The heroes woke one evening to find the Captain arguing with a trio of scrags, they must have climbed aboard the Succubus. They were arguing in an unknown language over a small trunk on the deck. It lay open and the scrags seemed to be unhappy with the contents. The scrags would eventually depart with the trunk. The heroes discovered that Captain Calypso had made a dark pact with something beneath beneath the sea, the scrags were agents of that entity. The contents of the trunk were disturbing to say the least and the character of Captain Calypso was called into question.

The Succubus would reach Port Cog on schedule. They had crossed the Khrullion Sea quicker than any other ship could have. The heroes were anxious to part ways with Calypso, but first they felt they needed to search about below deck. They discovered a smuggler’s hold and two passengers, a bard named Aleya and her companion, a sick man wrapped in linens. They would soon come to learn that the man was Rayan Wyvernmoor (a lord wanted by the Red Queen). Calypso had agreed to get Rayan out of Khrullion and then onto the shores of Gaelengard.

The heroes left Rayan, Calypso and Aleya in the docks of Pt Cog. The large town was widely regarded as a strange layover Port. The gnomes who lived there had a talent for invention and illusions. Taryelle had told them the water node was somewhere in the Starfall Isles, but its exact location was unknown. The heroes searched for a well known cartographer named Dezoris, who they hoped would know the location of the elemental node.

Upon reaching the gnome’s home they discovered his workshop was being held hostage by a number of clockwork automatons he had built. The heroes outsmarted the dimwitted clockworks and managed to liberate Dezoris’ collection of maps. Unfortunately, none of the maps marked an elemental node.

The gnomish cartographer directed the heroes to Khateefi Reef. Dezoris knew the reef was home to the Sea Devils (aka Sahuagin). Chances are if there was an elemental node in the isles, they’d know where it was. The heroes found themselves in need of a ship again. They reluctantly returned to the Succubus and Captain Calypso. Lord Rayan was interested in their quest and he agreed to delay his trip if the heroes would assist him in the future.

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