Black Goat Campaign 11

The council gathered at Darkwood Abbey. It consisted of representatives from the kingdom of Khrullion and from the wood elves of Syla Thalor. Brother Jacob, Sister Faye and Councillor Ashlyn sat across from High Druid Taryelle and the Guardian of the South, Ry’ll. This council was a rare example of men and elves working together. The heroes were also present to listen and lend support.

What came from the council’s discussion was grim. The Guardian of the East had been slain and most of the Eastern wood had been lost to the goblins. The Goat had gained control of the second Pool which resided in a place called the Burnt Glade. The only Pool that remained outside of her control was the one beneath Darkwood Abbey. Things seemed very grim indeed.

Previously (in ages past), the elves had broken the power of the Burnt Glade Pool by planting a Darkwood tree in it’s base. When the goblins re-activated the Pool they would have destroyed it. Taryelle proposed that a Darkwood acorn be delivered to the Pool and planted there to ensure that it stay dormant. A Darkwood tree could not grow in the caves beneath the Abbey, nor could it grow in the caves that the first Pool was found in. It had to be the Burnt Glade Pool.

However, the only acorn Taryelle knew of was in Brona’s possession. Brona warned that her acorn was corrupt. Taryelle smiled and told the council: “All Darkwood acorns are corrupt. The elves have always cleansed their acorns at an elemental water node in the North of Syla Thalor. However, the ancient green dragon known as Corpsegrinder took control of that node many years ago.

The council began to whisper about the impossibility of facing off against the ancient wyrm. Taryelle interrupted: “There is another water node, somewhere in the Starfall Isles. It belongs to a marid, but perhaps she can be reasoned with.” It was soon decided that the heroes would travel south and try to barter with the marid, for the privilege to use her node. They were urged to make haste. The goblins would soon mass for a final assault against the Abbey. It would not take long for this attack to overwhelm the Abbey’s weakened defenses.

The heroes were quick to prepare. That night they rode the fastest horses they could find for the city of Riverwatch. There they would hope to find a captain with ship that could ferry them to the Starfall Islands.

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