Black Goat Campaign 10

Following the loss of the library and the majority of the Abbey’s clerics, Brother Jacob urged the heroes to return to the caves and confirm that one of the Black Goat’s dark pools actually lay hidden there. “The death of my brothers and sisters must have purpose.” The heroes obliged the wounded Brother and returned to the deep vaults and caverns. The Waywatcher Spear (wielded by the ranger Vale) opened the final gate and the heroes descended into the deepest reaches of the hill.

They came upon a massive cavern, filled with corpses of humans, elves and barbarians. The bodies should have decayed away long ago, but the cavern was damp and the bodies looked fresh. The dead rose and dozens upon dozens of zombies began to encircle the party. The cleric Bjorndar was in his element beneath the hill and called upon Ulaa the Earthmother. His divine wrath devastated the ranks of walking corpses that were surrounding them. The heroes made short work of the rest.

They took a moment to rest following this encounter with the undead. They were joined by Dao-Khan and a dozen Black Sun mercenaries from the surface. The demon lieutenant informed the heroes he was here to confirm the Queen’s suspicions and concerns. He also made it clear that the Queen no longer had faith or favour in the heroes. A fact that mattered little to the heroes themselves.

Beyond the cavern of the dead, the heroes and Dao-Khan’s force came upon a maze like set of tunnels and caverns. They spread out to cover as much ground as possible, but soon found themselves divided and isolated in small groups. They were not alone something moved about this maze with them. Dao-Khan’s mercenaries could be heard screaming and then being cut-off short. Clarion was the first to find one of their bodies. The man was dead, his brain removed from the skull through a massive opening.

The horror struck heroes eventually regrouped with Dao-Khan and discovered a chamber beyond the maze. Within lay a great pool surrounded by dilapidated pillars, strange markings, maybe of an eldritch language were scattered over most surfaces. They had found the Black Goat’s pool, but it was not unguarded. An olive coloured aberration assaulted the heroes with strange magics and upon its back carried in orange pustules were the brains of Dao-Khan’s men.


Together with Dao-Khan, they defeated the terrifying creature. Following the battle a vision of St. Cuthbert came to the heroes and they were each granted a boon for defeating the evil beneath his Abbey. The vision also said that a new guardian would need to be chosen and that this should be done immediately. The heroes returned to the surface with Dao-Khan who seemed less critical of them. They told Brother Jacob what had been found and began planning their next step.

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