Black Goat Campaign 09

The heroes breached the burning library and spilled out into the courtyard under a smoke filled sky. Darkwood Abbey’s library was entirely engulfed in flames, as was its small chapel. The great keep showed signs of smaller fires, but nothing like the inferno that was devouring the library. Looking for others to help fight the fire they saw the horrific display of dead guardsman draped over the towers and battlements. It was as if they were standing in bowels of hell, surrounded by the dead and flames.

The great doors of the abbey swung open belching more smoke into the courtyard. The great shape of a giant woman emerged, back lit by the interior flames of the keep. She loomed to a height of ten feet as she descended the abbey’s steps. Her skin was as grey as ash and wrinkled with age. Her black matted hair hung wildly over her disfigured face. Her black claws were long curved blades that gripped the viscera of a victim in one palm and dragged Brother Jacob by the head in her other.

The great hag tossed the limp, wounded body of Jacob to the feet of the heroes. She grinned a sinister smile, revealing shark like teeth and beneath her tangled hair they could see familiar grey-blue eyes…


Following their opening/destruction of the seals, the heroes explored the caverns beneath the Abbey. Within these caves they would encounter many things. They confronted half-starved fomorians, who had remained alive these many years eating fungus and cannibalizing their own kind. They found a cache of strange alchemical ingredients preserved through arcane means. They would discover the ancient remains of an elven guardian and his Waywatcher Spear (Elf Relic). They found a great door sealed shut with a strange lock, a lock that they suspected could be opened by the spear they had found.

But, it was the old elven woman that concerns us now. She told them a tale, of a great battle between the elves and the forces of Shub-niggurath. The battle took place here beneath the Abbey, a place known to her as High Hill. In order to contain the evil, the elves and their allies sealed the caves in haste, trapping many of their own within. Taking pity on the old elf, they led her out of the caves to the Abbey and continued their exploration.

When they at last returned to the Abbey to rest, they found it ablaze! The great hag tossed the limp body of Jacob at the feet of the heroes. She grinned a sinister smile, revealing shark like teeth and beneath her tangled hair they could see the old elf’s familiar grey-blue eyes.

The heroes had made a tragic error… the hag with the assistance of a demon (that had also been released from the caves) had slain the night guards, set fire to the great library and had then begun to murder the Abbey’s clergy in their sleep. The heroes would make their stand in the burning courtyard of Darkwood Abbey. They would slay the deceitful hag and drive off it’s demon ally, but at a terrible cost. Many lives were lost to the infernal duo,  including Captain Artur and Archdeacon Torel.

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