Black Goat Campaign 08

Brother Jacob returned to the heroes after an exhaustive use of the Abbey’s resources. His findings supported their assumptions, the vaults beneath the Abbey most likely contained the second pool of The Black Goat. Meeting with the heroes to discuss his findings, Jacob stressed a certain level of trust needs to be reached in their relationship. He went on to explain that in order to confirm the pool is hidden beneath the Abbey there are a number of protective seals that need to be unlocked/broken. “You will be entering a place that has been locked away for hundreds of years. It was sealed for a reason… we need to keep whatever is in there… down there, but I too feel we need to know if the pool is there and if it is active.

The Seals of High Hill

Here upon the High Hill we bind the darkness behind three seals.
Only the devout wear the symbols of religion. A reverent follower of the cudgel may use the key of the faithful to open the first seal.
Radiant flame cleanses absolutely. Only conflagration of the second seal’s guardians will produce a sacred ember to light the way.
Two must stand for an ancient alliance of race. Bless the torchbearers, so they might create a marriage of light to pass the final seal.

The above is all the information that Brother Jacob could find to unlock the vault’s three seals. The heroes interpreted the first seal to need a cleric of St Cuthbert (the cudgel). Jacob again urged the heroes to tread carefully, but he cautiously agreed to help them.

They passed through the Abbey’s catacombs to a great stone door marked with protective glyphs. Here Jacob knelt and began to channel the divine power of St Cuthbert. He finally placed his hand upon the door and its glyphed surface glowed with a clean white light. The great door opened and the heroes descended into the darkest places beneath the Abbey.

The second seal would come in the form of two fire elemental guardians. The heroes defeated the burning warriors only to see their flames flicker and spark them back to life. The guardians were finally overcome with radiant attacks of divine light. Leaving only an ember of white flame on the floor.

The heroes took ceremonial torches from the walls and lit them with the sacred ember. In an adjacent chamber they found an ornate hammer resting between two statues, one an elf, the other a human. The torchbearers, Zetvosk (human) and Brona (elf), placed the torches into the empty hands of the statues which resulted in the hammer being charged with arcane power.

Exploring beyond the chambers and into the ancient caves they discovered a wall of force blocking their progress. Bjorndar stepped forward with the charged hammer and struck a mighty blow against the magical wall. In a thunderous boom the wall shattered, the hill shook as if it were about to collapse. The darkness in the ancient cave stirred and like a swarm of insects it flew past the heroes. They felt cold and as the dark wave flew past they heard distant cries and screams. The twisting darkness then made its way up towards Darkwood Abbey and the surface! The heroes stood silent exchanging glances of guilt… what did they unleash?

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