NPC: Brother Jacob

Inside the border of the Great Forest rests Darkwood Abbey. The Abbey is guarded and
cared for by a sect of cleric/monks, known as the Order of the Cudgel. The order follows the texts of St. Cuthbert, stressing respect and faithfulness. Darkwood Abbey’s library is a treasure to the Kingdom of Khrullion. The curator of this treasure is the venerable cleric Brother Jacob.

Jacob takes great pride in his library and the special collections he has helped curate. Even though he is considered a master in many fields of study, Jacob still considers himself a student. He has a particular interest in the folklore of Khrullion, before it became a Kingdom.

Like many of his sect, Jacob tends to be a listener and is careful to be precise when he speaks. He is an advisor to the Arch Deacon and commonly sits in on council discussions that concern the town or Abbey. Jacob is a reasonable, level head man, but does have a tendency to hold a grudge.

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