Black Goat Campaign 05

Black Goat of the Woods, Part Five

After many weeks, the heroes returned to Darkwood Abbey. During their return they stopped again in Mistdale and tried to uncover the swamp hag that had evaded them before. Unfortunately, the hunt again ended in failure. When they finally reach the Abbey it was early autumn and only Brona and Lyonesse remained from the original party. Although, retired from adventuring they were reunited with Faye who was now serving the Abbey as a sister of St Cuthbert.

Daokan of the Black Suns

The Great Wood had become fully engulfed in conflict during their absence. The Abbey had seen several goblin raids and the wood elves were now killing any non-elf on sight. The Queen of Khrullion had sent a large garrison of Black Sun mercenaries to Darkwood Abbey. This force was led by a cambion named Daokan. Things were grim at the Abbey and its people were fearful.

The heroes revealed everything they had found to the  Archdeacon and his council. The council consisted of: Archdeacon Torel, Daokan, Captain Artur and Ambassador Ashlyn. They elaborated a fair bit about the barrow scrolls and it became obvious that the Archdeacon had not brought the council up to speed. The council suggested that the heroes investigate the barbarian barrows to see if any other information about Shub-Niggurath could be found.

The heroes agreed to search the barrows, but first Lyonesse asked the clerics of St Cuthbert to remove the curse that bound her to the sword she found. An exorcism was preformed on the blade and the spirit within, but it released the ogre-mage that was trapped within the sword (wounding Brother Jacob in the process). Later Lyonesse was found dead on her anvil where she had been crafting a new magic blade.

Archdeacon Torel is sequestered by the Black Suns following the council’s meeting with the heroes. His whereabouts during this time were unknown and it is unclear what happened to him. It is assumed some sort of interrogation took place and a few days later he was returned unharmed.

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