Black Goat Campaign 04

Black Goat of the Woods, Part Four

The heroes would travel south to Wyvernmoor by-way of the seaside town of Mistdale. While visiting the town they would try and overthrow a swamp hag that held the town ransom. Each summer the townspeople would have a lottery that contained the names of all the children between the ages of 5-8 years old. The child would be given to the hag for a year’s worth of good fishing and good tidings. This is something the town had been doing for more than a generation.

This side trek to battle the hag would prove futile and costly. Brona fell victim to a curse and their ally Grendel would die within the hag’s lair. Faye their cleric of St Cuthbert would be overcome with grief and return to the Abbey with Grendel’s body. The hag had escaped them…

The heroes left Mistdale behind them, crossing to Wyvernmoor aboard a ferry. Within the war torn city they learned the wizard they were looking for was currently in the neighbouring hills. Anton was a archaeologist of sorts and was excavating an ancient ogre ruin. The heroes joined him at his dig site and agreed to enter the ogre ruins to retrieve a bloodstone (arcane item) in exchange for him re-translating/sharing what he knew of the barrow scrolls.

The ogre ruins would prove to be a traumatizing and harrowing experience. Portions of the ruins were infested with aberrations known as grick. Worm like creatures with beaks that could snap bone and armour alike. Worse still, the ancient ogres had made pacts with devils and harnessed blood magics to ensure their secrets were protected. The heroes would be decimated within the ruins. Three died and Lyonesse found a cursed blade that would possess her every thought.

During the exploration two portals were discovered leading to two separate mountain ranges. On the summit of one of these mountains the heroes met Lady Wind, a cloud giantess. The giantess lived in a cloud castle and for a time allowed the heroes to rest there. As she learned of their quest, Lady Wind asked them not to turn the bloodstone they found over to Anton. Instead, she proposed they take the scrolls from the wizard and that she would translate them. In exchange they would give her the bloodstone as payment.

They agreed to this new proposal and to his displeasure terminated their agreement with Anton. Lady Wind explained that the writing on the scrolls were actually blood runes and that most likely human blood would be required to unlock them. Zetvosk cautiously agreed to donate some and the scroll’s writing twisted into arcane texts.

Now more easily read, the scrolls detailed that there were indeed three dark pools in the woods (but made no mention of their locations). The barrow scrolls named the pools as holy sites to The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, also known as Shub-Niggurath. This entity was best described as an outer god of fertility and mutation. Although Shub-Niggurath was banished from this world, its avatar has the power to open a rift using the three pools as arcane foci. The final scroll revealed an image of Shub-Niggurath’s avatar… it was a clear depiction of the goblin’s Goat!

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