Black Goat Campaign 02

Black Goat of the Woods, Part Two

The heroes express their fears of more goblin attacks to Archdeacon Torel at Darkwood Abbey. They describe the pool and show examples of rubbings they took of the eldritch glyphs in the goblin caves. The Archdeacon assigns the abbey’s librarian, Brother Jacob to research the pool and the glyphs.

In the mean time, the heroes hire a half-elf guide (Allendel) and take their Darkwood Acorn into the Great Wood. They are hopeful that the reclusive wood elves might have knowledge of its power. They are met inside the border by a large retinue of elf warriors, who stand vigil over a dying Darkwood tree. Darkwood trees are sacred to wood elves and allows them to commune with one another over great distances.

The elves are aware of the goblin incursion, skirmishes are rampant along their eastern border. This retinue is lead by Ry’ll a renown champion of the elves who insists the heroes surrender the acorn to him. The heroes question his intentions with the acorn, but the arrogant champion does not respond. They refuse to hand it over and instead are joined by a wood elf druid (Brona) who assumes guardianship of the rare acorn.

Darkwood Entrance by Yesterdawn

Brona secretly leads the heroes north, unbeknownst to her kin. They continue deeper into the Great Wood, hoping to reach a healthy Darkwood tree where she can contact the elf druids about the acorn. They are ambushed by elf trackers sent by Ry’ll. The ambushers are defeated and the heroes continue their journey northward. They finally reach a Darkwood tree, but are immediately attacked by its wood elf guardians. As the heroes fought with the elves the sound of battle drew the attention of another threat. A goblin war party, led by “The Goat” herself joined the melee, the heroes and wood elves soon found themselves battling their common enemy.

The war party was driven off and the wood elves made a brief truce with the heroes. They turned over the acorn to a druid named Taryelle. Taryelle stressed how rare their Darkwood acorn is (one has not been seen in an generation), but that she sensed this one had been tainted and held no power. She also told the heroes that the Guardian of the South Wood (Ry’ll) had declared them enemies of the wood elf people and that Brona was to be exiled for bring the heroes north. Taryelle returned the acorn to Brona and bid them to leave immediately and not return.

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