Black Goat Campaign 01

Goblin hunter by FLOWERZZXU

Black Goat of the Woods, Part One

This tale began on the road from King’s Gate to Darkwood Abbey. Four would be heroes arrived in the village of Creekford. While they rested in the Blushing Pony Inn, goblin raiders sacked the village. They took two hostages and all the town’s blackroot. A root used to dye cloth and tan hides.

The heroes tracked the goblins into Syla Thalor or as the men of Khrullion call it: The Great Wood. During their pursuit they learned the goblins were gathering: blackroot, dellberries, spiralweed and human blood. These ingredients were then brewed into a strange alchemist mixture.

Within the Great Wood, the heroes discovered a goblin encampment and a set of ancient watery caves. The caves were riddled with eldritch glyphs and carvings of goat eyes. Their gravest discovery was a dark pool filled with a sickly black ichor (created from the alchemist mixture) that moved of it own volition.

It was here that the heroes would be defeated by “The Goat” (a powerful spellcaster revered by the goblins). Defeated, but not slain, they escaped with scars and the knowledge that a large goblin war-party was stalking The Great Wood. Prior to departing they flooded the goblin’s caverns hoping to seal and bury the dark pool.

After returning the hostages to Creekford, the heroes would continue their trek to Darkwood Abbey. They would again find trouble when they reached the doomed village of Split-Pine. Overwhelmed by a large spider infestation, its population was decimated. They heroes tracked the source of the infestation to a powerful ettercap lair. Upon defeating the spider-like monster they found a Darkwood Acorn among the bones of its victims (a rare treasure indeed).

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