Curse of the Onyx Order

A small group of men and women push against the winds and snow of the glacier Kang. They climb with purpose towards a mist shrouded mountain top. Their loose clothes and hair whip about as if Kang were trying to tear them from the peak. The snow stings their faces and the cold is unrelenting. The day has grown long and little light pierces the billowing clouds.

This tale began many moons ago, in Old One-Tusk, a busy taproom in the city of Droum. The heroes sat near a burning hearth, when they met a hooded woman, in robes trimmed with fur. Her skin was sun kissed and her orange gaze and blueberry lips charmed and lowered their suspicions. They would come to know her as Tantra Heploy. This exotic woman would lure them into a terrible curse and bind them to one another.

They became the bearers of the cursed, broken, Black Idol and they would be pursued by the Cult of Crawling Chaos. To remove the curse they would reassemble the Black Idol and in doing so doom the lands of Thule. To not pursue the idol’s pieces would drive them each into madness and depravity.

Their adventures would take them to the elf ruins of Serisedyn, and there in the shadow of Kang, they named themselves the Onyx Order. They would go on to brave the ghoul infested Silent Courts of Droum, the pirate controlled streets of Rime and finally the ruins of Gyar Gunn Vodd. They would lose friends along the way… the warlock Cididel, the ranger Elise, the wizard Wallace and the Paladin Han. Devastation lay in their wake, caused by the building and binding of the Black Idol; the destruction of Droum’s port, the razing of Rime and the doom of the Bearslayer clan.

In the ruins of Gyar Gunn Vodd they bound the final piece of the idol in its place. As the curse lifted from their souls a great meteor fell from the heavens. The Mouth of Dhole, an ancient portal to another world descended from it prison in orbit and crashed upon the snows of Kang. What terror would this eldritch relic release upon Thule?

The Onyx Order now approaches the summit and the opportunity to reap their revenge. The Cult of Crawling Chaos has ascended to the peak ahead of the Order. Their leader, a warlock known as Yadawa, is intent on opening The Mouth of Dhole. The time has come to finish what Tantra started. Death awaits…

Thank you to all the players that made this campaign so great! Here are some pictures from the final game.


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