End Game

I have been a part of  many session zeros. Kicking off a new RPG campaign is very fun! However, its no as common that we get to see a campaign run its course and have an ending. I recently watched the conclusion of Critical Role’s campaign and took note of the emotion around the table. There was joy, sadness and celebration! Rightly so, the campaign had spanned a number of years and the characters had been fleshed out and had many great bonds with each other.

I have similar feelings headed into our final game of my current D&D Campaign. It did not last as long as the campaign mentioned above. Our campaign ran for close to 10 months and even in that time I feel our characters got fleshed out. It could have run for longer, but life happens, people have other projects and schedules change. I have a great group of players and I will miss our games together. Playing D&D for more than 30 years I can attest to the fact that the game creates bonds and friendships. This campaign is no exception and I’ve witnessed my players who were strangers, become friends.

Now the final game is just a few days away and I am working to make it a memorable and exciting climax. I’ve made some 3D terrain and I’m polishing the stat blocks so the enemies are challenging. I don’t think that is where the magic of a final game is though. That special quality and emotion in a final game comes from the players. I think they’re up for the task and hopefully my machinations will be the catalyst for some awesome role playing. I can’t wait!

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